Disney After Hours party at Epcot?

Anybody do the Disney After Hours party at Epcot yet this summer? We are doing it in a few weeks. Any first-hand reviews or advice from liners? Thanks!

@StinsyLinson just did this - I’m linking her TR.


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Wow! Now that’s a positive review. Thank you for linking! Very helpful to see the step by step plan. We may do it differently, but super useful to see one that worked so well. @StinsyLinson Thank you!

We honestly went in with no plan and just kind of ran around. It worked for us, but if you go in with a plan - you can probably get even more done!

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We are going this Thursday and I haven’t read how they handle GotG yet. Is it just a normal queue for after hours?


It is just a standby queue starting at 9pm (though maybe there’s some residual vq still at that point). We rode it twice and walked all the way up to the first preshow both times. The first time we rode it was at 950 and the second time was at 1250.


Oh wow, thanks SO much for the intel. DS is going to be thrilled to hear this!