Disney After Hours or Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

If you have attended both events before, and could only go back for one, which event would you choose?

I’ve done both and it would be a tough decision. In the end I would say MVMCP. I loved DAH (and would absolutely do it again), but it’s really a chance to do a lot of rides without a lot of people (which fabulous). The party has a different feeling–it’s festive and there is the parade, the fireworks and special M&Gs. But it’s also more crowded. I think it depends on your goal. If you want the chance to do a bunch of rides with very little wait, then pick DAH. If you want a special event with some opportunities you can’t get during regular park hours, then go with MVMCP.


So I have never done DAH, but have done MVMCP. I would say for MVMCP, there are different ways to do it. You can do parades, meet & greet, or you can hit up rides. Since most people will be watching parades, the waits for the rides is very minimal, often walk on.

it snows on main street at mvmcp, 'just saying :slight_smile:


I think it really depends on what you enjoy the most. My family values rides so I think DAH wins out relatively easily for us over MVMCP. There are lots of cool bonuses with MVMCP with the parades & fireworks, the snow on mainstreet and the crowds do give it a festive environment. I can’t really comprehend waiting in the really long lines for the unique characters myself, but plenty of people do it, hence the long lines.

The ride lines are much, much shorter for DAH and there just aren’t many people in the park which is very cool. But you really need to ask yourself what you want to do: Rides (DAH)? Or festive atmosphere to celebrate Xmas, meet characters etc. (MVMCP)? Both are fun and reasonable investments…

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