Disney after hours for DHS in 2020

Hi everyone,
Doesn’t anyone know whether or not there will be Disney After Hours tickets for DHS in 2020…? Probably a silly question, but worth a shot(?)

Thank you

Disney has announced DAH events through March 2020. Can’t see why they’d only do them for part of the year, especially when 2020 predicted attendance is down.

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Is the HS DAH event including GE? Price?

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Thank you, I saw dates for MK and AK only. I wanted to visit DHS though, especially with the new tier system…


Thats all I’ve seen too

There is no DAH HS for 2020 yet.



What leads you to believe 2020 attendance is down?

@wilks09 The shareholder reports that have come out this week verify it. Plus, you can see it in the discounts Disney is suddenly throwing out into the market after the price hikes and lackluster SWGE performance.

The old saying was, “Disney doesn’t do discounts”. They haven’t needed too. Now, there’s concern about bookings being down and people holding off until all of SWGE is fully operational or the 50th Anniversary.

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Thanks DM. Will be there last week of January so interested to see how this plays out.