Disney After Hours Decision

Talk to me about if this is worth it?

They just announced a date that not only coincides with our trip in July, but is ON my daughter’s 17th birthday.

The day before her birthday we are having dinner at GF Cafe and then doing a fireworks cruise out of GF with her grandparents. The day of her birthday will be spent at MK by her request. We are starting the day at 1900 Park Fare, lunch at the Plaza, and dinner at BOG (before they upgrade to a Signature). We leave the following day to return home having to be in Sanford by 2pm.

There are three of us, so $357+tax.

I SO WANT TO…but being an adult is hard and I’m trying to weigh the cost.

High level outline of trip…

15 Ds and I arrive late morning. Check in to Pop Century. Lunch at Pop. Afternoon/evening at MK. Dinner at Plaza. (Dd arrives on late flight)
16 MK - BOG Lunch/Dinner at Contempo Cafe
17 Epcot - Sunshine Seasons Lunch/Kabuki Cafe & Via Napoli (CS) for Dinner
18 Blizzard Beach - Kona for Breakfast/Beaches & Cream Lunch/Pop Century for dinner or a park depending on how we feel
19 DHS - CS Lunch at park/Disney Springs (Morimoto) for Dinner
20 AK - CS Lunch at park/ Grand Floridian Cafe for Dinner/Fireworks Cruise
21 MK - 1900 PF Breakfast/Plaza for Lunch/BOG for Dinner
22 Open morning DHS or AK for FP+ flexibility if needed Or relax at pool and pack. Leave WDW by 12:30, arrive Sanford before 2pm

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I think you discussing with her but IMO it would be a perfect birthday to sleep in that day, dump ALL the MK plans, have a really fantastic late lunch/early dinner somewhere and head in for the After Hours event. This event gets RAVE reviews and I cannot imagine a more magical birthday.


Thanks for postingg about this! I have really been wanting to do this, so think I am going to squeeze in a weekend trip for my birthday! It’s a milestone this year :wink:

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agree with OBNurse, drop day plans and have a fabulous big night. Maybe keep 1900 breakfast and rest up for the Evening. Side note, We did this in March. Even though WDW had posted a 7pm entry, We had no problem entering at 6pm. It was crowded until after the fireworks, then pretty much empty. Walked on everything multiple times.

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How about using that day for something different. At 17 my son was really into the Disney tour we took together. Another possibility would be a recreation item like horseback riding or a boat ride on Bay Lake.

Our trip is at the same time oddly enough and we’ll also be dining at BOG the evening of the 21st. Looks like we just decided to try After Hours on our last night on the 21st. My family’s only question seemed to be more “should we do it on both the 14th and 21st?” than should we do it at all…


When we first started planning the trip I asked dd what she wanted to do on her birthday and without skipping a beat she said she wanted to spend the day at Magic Kingdom.

Dd and I took the Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour last summer at DL (it was AWESOME!). This trip is just me, ds (12yo) and dd so ds would have to come and he would hate almost any of the tours.

I’ve decided to do DAH on the 21st. I just redeemed my award points at work for an AMEX gift card. It should arrive late next week and I’ll book our tickets.

Now to figure out how to surprise dd.

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I so can’t rationalize two nights of DAH!

Our BOG ADR is for 5:30. It is almost like I knew that DAH would be later that night! :smile:

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Yah - I can’t rationalize two nights either, but that was their question. Mine was which Saturday while they were debating both. I think our BOG ADR is for 7 - should give us time for a nice nap prior to get energized for After Hours… :sunglasses:

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