Disney After Hours Causing Crowds

My wife and I are planning a trip to WDW in March, and when looking at the Crowd Calendar, March 9th looked like a great day to tour MK. I just saw that date is the last date planned for Disney After Hours extra ticketed event. Will the extra event make the park more crowded prior to the time of the event? I figure we’d see larger crowds after 7PM and during Wishes, but will the rest of the day be completely packed now that this event will be going on? Should we switch our plans to go to another park on this day and do MK on a different day?


I highly doubt DAH will have much, if any, effect on daytime crowd levels. First of all the number of tickets is limited (I’ve heard around 3000). Even if all of those people were in the park all day long, you’d never notice 3000 people spread out over the entire park. Secondly, this is a separate ticketed event that does not require a park ticket. So some of those people may only be going during event hours and not during the day at all.

If it were me planning my day in MK that day, I wouldn’t worry about DAH at all.

Have fun!

No one knows for sure, but I would tend to agree with @adamwsh.

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