Disney After Hours After March 9th?

Hi all,

Probably a pointless question but wondered if anyone had any inside scoop on if there will be more after hours events post 3/9? I really wanted to get to do this, mainly because my wife has quite severe claustrophobia and although she has braved travelling to the parks on many occasions just for my benefit…crowds are a real trigger for her and it can be quite stressful for her so I thought this could be a real treat.

Unfortunately our next visit to the area is at the mid-end of March (20-22) and the last posted date for the after hours event is 3/9 but I wondered if anyone had any insider knowledge to if/wen whether new dates will be coming. I only ask because this event seems to be always dealt with in a very disorganized manner!..when I actually contacted WDW the rep didnt even know the dates that they currently had!

Any help would be hugely appreciated!!!