Disney Addiction?


I have no trip planned since I just returned from a trip December 2016. Yet, I keep reading this blog and the app chat section. Do you find that staying relevant (here and the app) helps you plan subsequent trips?? ....or am I just justifying/enabling a Disney Addiction?


Yes & Yes. I'm sure both are true. Compared to most addictions a DIS one is relatively benign at least, although I guess it can be an expensive habit...

Like you, I have no trip planned, but I still enjoy keeping up and helping out others who are planning one if they have questions I may be able to answer...


I agree with Damavs. Both. I've been hanging out here for at least 6 months now and my trip isn't until June. Full disclosure: I also listen to Disney related podcasts in the car on my way to and from work.


Podcasts is an area I have not yet ventured to.

I'm not surprised @tjkjbarton a good Disney trip takes a easily 9-12 months to plan. :slight_smile:

@Damavs benign, true. Expensive, absolutely. There could be far worse addictions to have.


I don't plan to go back to WDW for a few years, yet here I am!
I like to keep up to date on changes, which will help prepare me for planning my next trip.
Also, I like to offer help/advice to people that are planning a trip soon.

Oh, yeah. Plus I'm addicted to anything related to WDW. :smiley:


Hello. My name is @RobertSch6, and I am a Disneyholic.

I have been a member of TP since April 2013, and I haven't not had a trip either to WDW or DLR planned since October 2014. I am a member of D23, and I listen to 20+ Disney-related podcasts regularly.

Reading the questions, comments, and advice here helps me get through each day until my next trip.


Well I got back from my trip in September, and it doesn't look like I'll be going back as of right now, but this forum helps me cling to the awesome time I had when I was there. I'm secretly hoping that I'll log in one day and the screen will flash with a pop up "You've won a trip to Disney World!" (well ok, not that secret anymore...).

Additionally, the people here are extremely friendly and I like being able to recall an experience or two to hopefully pay forward all the kindness I was shown since I joined.

Plus I'm still writing up my Trip Report (super slow going).


Yes and yes


I listen to quiet a few different Disney podcasts as well as others.


It was a couple of years ago that my sister said to me, "you are a Disney freak". Are you shocked to learn she did not think this was a compliment? Since that time I have gladly introduced myself as a "Disney freak". I have not listened to my car radio in years. I listened to so many podcasts that I usually can listen to those on my hour plus commute each way to work, but if I run out I have Disney music. I have logged onto this forum every day since it was created and I read chat throughout the day. I am so grateful that I have found this community and everyday you bring joy to my life. So- yes and yes :grinning:


I download my podcasts onto my ipod nano plug it into my car and then listen to the nano at work because we are not permitted to have our phones on at our desk. I then listen to it in my car on the way home.


We had our first trip to WDW in February 2016 and all I want to say is .....I WANT TO GO BACK!!! Lol :smile: All the comments and tips here on this forum & chat has been so helpful to plan a great trip. My DH said he can't wait to back because I did an awesome job with planning. :blush: We hope to go back in February 2018, just waiting for the school schedule to come out.


Absolutely. I haven't been since Nov 2014, but I hang around the Forums and Lines at least an hour a day (probably more, if I actually counted). SOme things change at WDW, but the majority of things stay the same, so learn it now, use it later :slight_smile:


DH's first trip was Dec 2015. He liked it so much, he didn't balk when I requested a Dec 2016 trip. I think if he had this way, we'd go back in 2017 - but I must put on the breaks and do a cheaper 2017 vacation with the hopes of a Disney 2018 trip! Disney surely is addicting! :slight_smile:


What podcasts are you listening too? How do you get to them?
(Please keep in mind, I have an Android phone)


Both! But really, so much changed between 2012 and 2016 that I'd have been lost if I hadn't been keeping up with chat. It's also good to share your experience.


When I had an Android I downloaded a podcast player and then subscribed through them.


(chanting) One of us...One of us...


Yes and yes! It's great to be amongst like minded people who all have at least one thing in common - a love of Disney! There is so much to learn and know (even after several visits) that it really helps to keep up with all the changes and read everyone's experiences.


I think it does help you plan and stay connected. My family always laughs when I break the news about an attraction that is closing or a new attraction that is opening, but when we get down to planning vacations, I'm the one they look at when they want to know whether Pandora will be open at AK next summer or what kind of coffee maker will be in our hotel room (Okay, that last one is my Keurig hating husband, lol!).

We were watching the Disney Parks Christmas special last month, and one of my teenagers was going on and on about how no one watches that show any more, it's boring, blah, blah, blah. Then they showed a band playing at DS and she was like, "Where's the Scorcerer's Hat!?!?!?!!?!!" And I said, "I told you, that was taken down shortly after our last trip."

I find the info I get here really does help me prepare for my next trip, and I don't end up unpleasantly surprised that something has changed. I can also focus my family on new things that they will enjoy. Reading these boards is a great way to keep some magic, help others plan their magic, and keep both the memories of our last trip and the plans for any upcoming trips alive.