Discrepancies Between mobile MDE and desktop MDE?

Hi there!
My extended family and I are all in the process of finishing up our planning… all three of our reservations are linked and we see everyones plans in our MDE HOWEVER the Fast Passes aren’t correct throughout! When we go on to the mobile MDE it will say 5 of our party has FP’s for a ride, but when we go onto the desktop version on my computer, it will say 6 of us do, etc., etc. There are at least three other discrepancies in the plans in the two versions… what gives??? How concerned should I be that not everyone has the fast passes we need (I definitely booked them, though!)?


There are a large number of factors that can cause this, including a number of outright bugs in MDE.

I would call the Disney World Reservation Center and ask for the IT Help Desk and get them to sort this out. Just be prepared to be on the phone for an extended call.

The app is notoriously glitchy. As long as everything is right on the website, you don’t need to do anything.