Discovery Cove


I know it's not Disney, but I want to extend our next trip to WDW with a day at Discovery Cove, but I am absolutely not sure if it is worth the money.

So, has anybody ever done it and can share their experience? I would love to swim with a dolphin, but it is up to 300$ per person and that's a lot of money. TIA


We did it the summer we came to Orlando and did not do anything Disney. My kids were 5th grade and 8th grade and absolutely LOVED it! We did not do the dolphins and they did not feel like they missed out. We did Sea World, Aquatica, Busch Gardens (Tampa) and Discovery Gove. Even grabbed a baseball game in Tampa. Great family trip!


We did it in 2014 combined with a Disney trip and my entire family loved it. It was the best part of the trip.


We did it last August me my husband and my 20 year old son and 15 year old daughter and it was one of the best memories we have at Disney we also did the Sea Venture and they still talk about it now. If you decide to swim with the Dolphins try and get there as early as possible think it opens about 8,0 clock in the morning so you have all day to enjoy everything else on offer it is well worth the money it's like paradise inside there.


Thank you guys. I think I'll go for it. I mean, for me it's a once in a lifetime experience to swim with a dolphin :slight_smile:


I'm already planning to do it myself next trip. I've watched a few videos and have no doubt it will be awesome. I've yet to hear anything negative about it.


just did this in november we did the dolphin swim. It was awesome we are actually doing it again in september but not doing the dolphin swim this time either variation is well worth a trip so nice.


I have a day planned in sept. Breakfast and lunch are included. Snacks and drinks too. Plus entry
To sea world and aquatica.

That is a good amount included. I am looming forward to it.