Discounts for Canadians

Hi all, I am in early stages of planning for first ever trip in May 2020. Can anyone tell me if they ever have promotional rates on packages for Canadian citizens? I am totally clueless as to the timeline needed for booking. Is it safe to say that I can wait a while yet?

They do have promotions for Canadian citizens/residents (and need to show passport when you check in). We’re Canadians but have been living in the US for several years, so I am not eligible for those promotions. My parents reside in Canada and when they come to Disney with us they have a rate discount (room, sometimes room and tickets). We usually book about 7-8 months in advance, and look at the promotions on the website a few months before then to make sure we don’t miss any of them.

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For the last few years they’ve had ticket discounts that were pretty substantial. I think the last two years they’ve been released in November.

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We have been going for the last 6 years and I have never saw a substantial discount. The most I have seen is a Canadian discount off park tickets and then the same offers as US such as discounts off room or free dining at certain times of the year. With the dollar exchange rate any potential savings are sucked up pretty quickly.