Discounted Tickets

If you buy discounted tickets thru a vendor, but are staying on Disney property, what day in advance can you make FP selections? 30 or 60?

As long as the tickets are linked to your MDE account, you can use the resort-based 60 days for FP+ reservations.

Ok. I’ve never linked tickets before. Perhaps that is the area that is causing me angst.

thank you @Kevin_Krom

You’ll need to link tickets to MDE in any event before it will allow you to book FP+ reservations, regardless of which booking window you have. They need it to confirm that you’re not booking for more days than you have tickets.

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I purchased my tickets from Park Savers in November, added them to my Disney account shortly thereafter, and successfully booked my 60 day FastPasses this morning. So it’s all good.

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