Discount Question - Room only vs Package

My parents (the grandparents of the group) have booked out stay and tickets for Jan 2022. I’ve got the deals & discount page bookmarked on my phone so I can check on it. From what I’ve read I may see some discounts come up during the fall.

They booked a vacation package. From what I’m seeing online, room only discounts seem to be more common. Will it be easy/possible to switch from a package to separate room and ticket bookings if that is the only discount that comes up? Trying to decide if we need to make the switch now or if we can just do it if a discount comes up.

Either way it will simply depend on availability. If they decide to go room only because the discount is better - assuming there is one, which I think is either unlikely or will be miniscule just so they can say there was one - they will just cancel the package, get refunded their deposit, and book room only. (actually — I would book the room only FIRST, so you don’t end up holding nothing, and then once that’s confirmed, cancel the package). Then you’ll need to purchase tickets pretty quickly to keep any park reservations from being cancelled.

I would leave well enough alone.