Disability pass

Any updates to the disability pass in the past few years? Disney does such a great job, but I remember being disappointed by Universal’s in ‘16.

Replying mainly to bump the thread as I have no personal experience with the Universal disability pass.

According to the Unofficial Guide Universal Orlando 2018, Universal’s Attractions Assistance Pass (AAP) is "remarkably similar to the Disability Access Service (DAS) system Disney switched to in late 2013."There’s also a Guest Assistance Pass (GAP) which is like a a park-2-park unlimited Express Pass; however these are only available on a “strictly limited basis.”

My grandmother visited Universal in a wheelchair twice in 2018 and had very positive experiences, but that is a completely different situation (I am presuming). I’d be happy to share if you are interested.

@Pigsispigs can you tell me about your mother’s experience? I’m trying to figure out if my husband would qualify for the disability pass with his medical conditions and i’m Not finding a lot of concrete info out there.

Hi Jennifer,

My grandmother is in her 90s. She can walk, but tires easily so my dad rents a wheelchair for her at the parks. She is able to walk short distances and transfer to ride vehicles.
She did not have an assistance pass for her on either of the trips. I’ll also check with him about what queues accommodated the wheelchair (I wasn’t on this trip).

UPDATE: All the queues accommodated the wheelchair

Poseidon stayed in chair, was guided to sensible viewing placate by cast member

Hogwarts Express walked on, chair was quickly provided at destination.

Mummy, hmm we must have been brought up an elevator.
They loaded and unloaded the same chair.

Went through Gringotts, there is an elevator for chair to bypass the stairs
Forbidden Journey, also went through castle queue (grandma elected to wait this one out in the swap room)

Men in Black there is an elevator to the boarding area. You enter near the unloading area.

They were shown to accessible seating ares too for the shows.
Animal Actors was in the front (you enter the theater on ground level)
Sinbad Stunt show in the top (you entered this theater on the top, show is now closed)

In the garage the attendant allowed us to park close to rotunda although we had no handicapped pass.