Disability Assistance Service (DAS) Card

Hi there. My family and I are going to WDW in October, and we have someone in our party that qualifies for a DAS Card. Is the card good for a party of 7? We’re from So Cal, and while we’ve never used the DAS in WDW, we have at Disneyland, and before their recent change, it was parties of 6 max.

If you have a travel agent - check with them. However YES I believe everyone can travel together (not 100% sure though)

According to this it is good up to 6 guests:

And here is the official PDF from Disney:


We used the DAS for my son and our whole party last August and there were ten of us all together. They didn’t bat an eye, just added everyone on. Of course, YMMV. Just wanted to let you know it can work with more than six. Maybe it depends on the manager at the time?

I had heard that parties over 6 would require a supervisor’s ok, but my party of 8 was able to ride together, no problem…

Well then 7 should be no big deal :wink:

Thanks for the info, everyone!