Disability Access Service

Hi everyone!

I’m going on a trip with my mom in Oct-Nov of 2019. My mom has issues with her knee that can make standing in lines difficult for her. We are looking at the Disability Access Service (DAS). Has anyone used this before? What has been your experience with this? Would she even qualify for this or would she just need a scooter/wheelchair?

Thanks in advance!

She won’t qualify if it’s a mobility issue, she’ll need to rent a wheelchair or scooter. If she’s fit enough I’d suggest the scooter so she’s independent.

I think it may not hurt to go talk to guest services once you’re in the park about it, but as the PP mentioned, she likely won’t qualify since the DAS isn’t for mobility issues.

My best advice is before she gets off the ECV ask the CM if there is a handicapped entrance 9 out of 10 times there is very little wait, similar to fast pass. We asked at buzz and were brought through the exit less than 5 min wait not the 30 min SB time. A lot of time the fast passes were not needed. With that said we did not go on any coasters. So YMMV.