Disability Access Service Card return times

A friend is asking for touring advice for MK, but they will have the new DASC. Do they base the return times on the official posted wait times or do they have some other metric? If Winnie the Pooh has a 1hr standby will the DASC return be 1 hour?
Can they only have one outstanding return time at a time?
Do any of the rides offer 'entry through exit' immediately instead of giving a return time?
Thanks for your help!

As far as I've seen they will be given a return time that is approximately 10 minutes less than the posted standby time. Unfortunately I can't answer your other two questions. Hopefully another can.

We have two kids who need the DAS card, and we will be experiencing it for the first time this year in Nov. My understanding is that you can only have one outstanding return time at a time. Most rides do not have entry through exit, except ones that are not accessible. I'm assuming Splash is still an exit through the exit bc of the stairs, however, I am wondering if they still give you a return time like the other rides.

We used the new DAC last October when it was brand new. They take 10 mins of the line time and you can only have one return time on your card at a time. I can't answer about the access queries . You need to plan ahead anticipation what ride you need to use your card for next . I was not a huge fan if the new system. However things improved once we got used to it

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Did you use a touring plan in conjunction with the DAS card?

Well I did make a TP but our DS has other plans .... He decides what ride he wants to go on next. As he has been to wdw around 7 times he knows the score. This is why I tried to anticipate what he would want to ride and get a return time on the DAS card.