Directions to Next Attraction?

Forgive me if this is answered elsewhere, I couldn’t find an answer. Will Touring Plans tell me how to get to the next attraction?

I don’t think so, usually it tells you where to go- but- isn’t there a map? I don’t mean a Disney park map- but a touring plan map? On your touring plan?

Yes, just looked- my TPs have a nap with numbers that identify where the next attraction is.


No specific directions. However, each attraction is numbered on the TP map, so you’ll just have to follow it. Fortunately, for the most part, looking at the map, it’s pretty obvious how to get to the next attraction. If you are unfamiliar with the parks, I HIGHLY recommend studying maps before you go, and maybe even plot out your travel routes. I’ve been to the parks enough times that I can “walk them in my mind”, but recently I went to BG in Tampa, DIDN’T pre-study the map enough, and felt semi-lost most of the day…


There are some “independent” apps (sorry, I don’t remember the names) that are GPS-enabled that will show you where you are in the parks.

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Thanks everyone!! It’s only my third time at DW & my sense of direction isn’t great :wink: My husband has lead the way on previous visits & keeps joking that he is just going to follow me around this time.

I think I have a great, optimized plan but was hoping for a little extra security.

We have downloaded an app on our phone that looks like it will be good. But have never used it so I’m not sure but the videos I have seen on how it works looks good. Its called Disney World Magic Guide by VersaEdge Software. It is free too!

It has GPS and compass orientation on the map, you can search for your destination and then see where you are to navigate there. I don’t think it actually maps out the way for you like a tomtom or garmin but shows you your location and your destination on the map.

Hope this helps!


Sounds awesome, I’m going to check it out!! Thank you!

Doesn’t MDE have a map? I feel like I used it last time we were there to find my way one time when it was dark and I got turned around. I have a terrible time seeing in the dark so the map on my phone was lit and nice. I’m almost positive it was MDE and it showed me where I was and I just read the map to get where I was going.

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I didn’t have MDE when I was there last May so I wasn’t sure how it worked. When I look at the map, it’s just a jumble of the attractions but that would be great if it worked differently/better inside the park.

MDE app does have a map, but for me just sitting at home right next to wifi with extremely good signal it loads very very very slowly. So I was afraid of what was going to happen when at the parks. so we tried the different ones.

MDE is pretty slow in the parks. I should download an app too.