Directions for adding website Icon to home screen (Iphone)

Use this to easily access the Disney website quickly and easily in your Iphone. You are creating an icon so the website can be accessed similar to an app.

  1. Open Safari and open the Walt Disney world webpage.

  2. Go to the MDE log in page.

  3. Scroll the page up and a tool bar should appear at the bottom of the page. Click on the square with arrow icon.

  4. A pop up will appear and you will see two row of icons. Scroll through the gray icons until you find “Add to home screen.” Click on that.

  5. Rename it Disney Website or whatever makes sense for you.

  6. Click “Add” and you will now have access to the Disney website MDE login page with just one click on your phone.



For Android (I have a Samsung Galaxy S8) the same applies, except it is even EASIER, because on the top of every screen near the bar where you type the URL are 3 vertical dots, which is a drop down menu that has an “Add to Home Screen” option.


Thanks so much for doing this!!


For those who are intent on doing some FP hunting, I was able to set it up for the Fastpass page. So it’s just auto login and poof there you are. I then set it up as above, as well. The icons are the same so I was sure to label them.

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