Direct to Room Check In and Parking on First Day?

I am in some serious need of help. I have gotten conflicting answers constantly about the direct to room check in thing, on what you have to actually do to do it and what that lets you do. My flight gets in at 11AM and my parents who are driving in are picking me up; we wanted to go straight to DHS but didn’t want to have to pay for parking since that is supposed to be free with the room. I have been told that as long as you do online check in and provide a phone number or email address you can just go straight to the parks because you have already completed the “check in” process and the parking people will be able to look up your reservation to see that you are eligible for free parking being a resort guest. I have also been told that even if you do that you still have to go to the resort first thing for them to activate your MagicBands and get a paper parking pass. We should have enough time to get from the airport to the resort and to the park before I scheduled us in our touring plan to be there if we have to. This has been an enormous frustration to deal with Disney on this and people giving me all kinds of conflicting answers, so I thought I would ask the most knowledgeable people I know of, you guys! Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated as our trip is just around the corner (9/26/15 !).

Online check-in & parking at parks - updated with response I think this will help!