Direct bus from MK to Hollywood Studios?

Hi - I was lucky enough to get a Cinderella’s Table reservation at 1:15 pm, and an Oga’s Cantina reservation at 4:15 pm. Since I will have to hop from MK to HS, are there direct buses that run from park to park? And if yes, how long does it take? Thank you!

There is a direct bus between MK and HS. My old Unofficial Guide has the travel time as 24 minutes average and 34 minutes maximum. This is just time on the bus and does not include time walking to/from the bus, waiting for the bus, security, etc.

Hmm, maybe Minnie Van is the way to go that day.

you could also walk over to the Contemporary and take a bus from there if need be.

But yes, if you wish to remove as many variables as possible a Lyft or Minnie Van is the way to go.

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Be aware the only form of transport you can get from MK is bus or Minnie Van.

If you want to use Lyft, Uber or a taxi then you will need to walk to the Contemporary first.

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