Dinosaur refurb

Kenny the Pirate is showing Dinosaur being closed for refurb in September, but it is not listed on touring plans site. Anybody know anymore about that?

it’s listed on the official Disney page as well. Sigh :frowning:

Where did you see that listing ? Ive searched multiple sites and cant find any mention of it being down during September. I even spoke with Disney and the only one they mentioned, for a big attraction anyway, was Thunder Mountain railroad.

It’s a Small World will also be down during September I believe

It’s on both www.disneyworld.com and Kenny the pirate’s website

Spot on. Nice work. I copied this right from the Ride Description on WDW website …

"From July 25 to September 29, 2016, DINOSAUR will be closed for refurbishment. "

I dont think Small world will be down now I September, I believe they switch it to Thunder Mountain Railroad. Again from WDW site

“From August 8 to November 18, 2016, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad will be closed for refurbishment.”

There is no refub note on the Small world page…at least today!

Thanks for the help !!

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That’s good news! Thanks for catching that

It’s A Small World will be closed for refurbishment in late AUG until SEP. It showed that today when I checked Disney.com for attractions available in the MK when I will be there on AUG 29th.

Dinosaur is listed as closed when I went to make FP+ reservations for Oct 6. I checked just now and it doesn’t list times for it until Oct 17. You think they might open up before then though?

Last I heard, and I’ll try to find the source but the refurb for Dinosaur was pushed back a couple of extra weeks in October


I knew I had seen it around somewhere. The refurb got pushed to October 17th. It seems they are doing some pretty major upkeep.