Dinosaur Refurb Change

It looks like the Dinosaur refurbishment has been extended from 9/30 and is now expected to re-open on 10/17…this is the day we are planning on being at AK. I have heard that sometime rides re-open a day or two early but do they ever re-open late? This is one of our favorites and really don’t want to miss it. On the other hand, changing days obviously affects my ADR’s.

Given the length of the refurb, this is probably for an extensive cleaning/repainting cycle and repairing some of the broken dinos - not a major change/repair to the ride system. I’ve never specifically counted calendar days, but I think these kinds of refurbs typically stay pretty close to schedule.

I agree with bswan but I will say, one year, Splash was undergoing a lengthy refurb and was supposed to be opening the last day I was at the parks. However, the day the ride was supposed to open came around and they pushed the closure back discreetly by two days. That said, I do believe they are typically on time and the norm seems to err more on the side of opening a day or two early.