Dinosaur AK opinions?

We always skipped dinosaur as it was too intense for my kids. They are growing up now and will be 12 and almost 10 on out next trip How scary is it really? I’ve read reviews that suggest maybe skip but also raves about what a great ride it is. Youngest is a super sensitive dinosaur lover so not sure what to do with him. TIA!

I would think a 10 and 12 year old would enjoy it but if you’re saying one is super sensitive, maybe not. There are several “jump” type scares where the Carnotaurus pops out towards you with loud sounds, light effects, and at one point, a blast of air. It’s definitely enough to make you jump but I wouldn’t call it nightmare inducing.

I personally think that it is scary as an adult! The ride is also very rough and makes me a little nauseated. I have not ridden in years because of this, so maybe some recent riders can also comment. Are there YouTube videos you could check out?

It’s quite rough, very dark in places, and quite loud, so if those things are “scary”, then they might not like it. But it’s a awesome ride, and should look better than ever after it reopens on Nov 20th…

My kids have been riding it since they were 7 and 9 and have never thought of it as scary. 12 and 10 year olds will likely enjoy it.

One of our favorites rides anywhere. My daughter was scared when she rode at 4 but loves thrill rides so we let her try it. 10 and 12 year olds will like it if they know going in that it is loud, dark, rough, suspenseful, and fantastic.

My 4yo DGD loves it, but she’s been raised on a steady diet of scifi, action, and adventure movies and TV shows (her parents are total geeks). It is pretty intense, the tension is set up in the backstory and maintained by the very excited narrator. It is dark, with flashy lights and dinos that pop out of dark corners. The ride motion is a bit rough in places, especially being in the dark with the lack of perspective. Here is a Youtube video of the whole experience: https://youtu.be/M_6qegd4J4k

Thank you all – super helpful! I think we will add it to our list, largely because I really want to try it!

I think that’s a good decision. My DS8 and DS11 love it, even though they think it’should scary.