Dinning Plan Questions, Help with ADR suggestions

Hello Everyone!

Needing some help on making plans with the Deluxe Dining Plan. and had a few questions

I’m doing a split stay; (9/12 -9/17) 5 night at Pop with the deluxe dining plan and then (9/17-9/19) two night at Old Key West without a dining plan. I’m a little confused on the number of credits I will have, and when they will begin and end?

Do I have the following right? I will have 15 total credits to use (5 nights x 3 credit per night) and my credits will be available to use starting the 12th and will have until 11:59 PM on the 17th to use them all?

Would also love some feedback on my ADR so far, I’ve never stayed on property or dined at table service at Disney. So any input would be a great help :slight_smile:

Monday 9/12:
Arrive at Disney around Noon.
1:35 PM ADR @ 50s Prime Time
Evening in Hollywood Studios to see Star Wars Fireworks
9:20 PM ADR @ Jiko

Thinking of doing the Key to the Kingdom tour in the morning so no ADRS
Evening in Epcot to take advantage of evening magic hours
5:45 PM ADR @ Monsieur Paul

Morning park undecided
12:35 PM Brunch ADR @ Chef Micky’s (thinking of changing this but not sure what to, or change the time if something comes available)
6:35 PM ADR @ Artist Point - then ferry over to MK for evening magic hours.

Epcot F&W day, no ADR for breakfast or lunch, plan to tour the F&W festival
8:50 PM ADR @ Le Cellier to finish off the night.

11 AM ADR @ 1900 Park Fare (thinking of changing this one open to ideas)
5:40 PM ADR @ Cal. Grill then on to Micky’s Not so Scary Halloween Party.

Breakfast: Undecided (prehapes just a light snack)
Animal Kingdom morning magic hours
12:50 PM ADR @ Tusker House
5:55 PM or 7:40 PM ADR at Boma
(I want to try to be in the Animal kingdom that night to enjoy the new night time attractions and shows, it says the park closes at 5PM unsure if this reflects the new night time hours, was thinking 5:55 would be better if park is open later?)

May tour Island of Adventure( 9AM to 7PM) this day, undecided.
8:30 PM ADR @ Sanaa

Monday 9/19:
Leave WDW by 1PM :frowning:

Thanks everyone for any help or ideas and suggestions. I’m super excited to be going!

You can also use your credits on the day you change hotels. Are you travelling alone? AK will have night entertainment my then, but it probablly won’t be every night, and timing is unknown. If you’re eating 2 buffets on the same day, Tuskers & Boma a longer gap between them might be good. If you are doing Jiko, and seeing the AKL then I prob wouldn’t go back to Boma. Disney hasn’t announced anything yet, but the Tuskers DP for RoL might only be for dinner ADR’s, so how about Sanaa for lunch at Kidani Village then Tusker or Tiffins for dinner. You sit with strangers at Biergarten in EP, which might be nice if you’re on your own. I would save Cali Grill for a night you aren’t going to the party and try for BOG instead that night. Have they announced the timing of Star wars fireworks yet? If not it might be hard to make Jiko. Brown Derby would give you a VIP seat for Fantasmic.

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I think you might want to consider changing that Boma to a Tiffins when they are released (two credits). I am also concerned about your Cali Grill. I have found with the Deluxe plan you need time belt week your meals (the deluxe plan is the only plan I have actually saved money). I understand the buffets because that is where you will find value for breakfast but I prefer the food at Kona or Captain’s Grill (menu not buffet) for breakfast.

You have an amazing plan! Be careful I do not think you will use those 10 snack credits at the booths- make a list of things you can grab for your last two days.

You may have an issue with those credits on the last day but any issues- put on your band and they will fix it for you.

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With DDeluxeDP you get 3TS credits and 2 snack credits PER NIGHT of your stay. With 7 nights you will have 21TS credits and 14 snack credits. I’m full just thinking about it! You don’t have to use 3 each day - you can use 21 on the first day if you want (good luck), or spread them out over the course of your stay in any combination that suits you (and meets your dining reservation requirements - some places require 2 credits per meal).

Here are my thoughts on your plans:

How are you arriving? Is this your arrival time to your resort? Have you accounted for time spent checking in or leaving bags with bell services before you are on your way? IMO a 1:35 reservation might be stressful, especially if you experience any delays.

This seems CRAZY tight to me. I would plan to EITHER see fireworks OR have that ADR. Though, FWIW, the fireworks are not scheduled that far out – will they happen? If they do, then what time? For example, one night this week shows the fireworks at 9:45pm - you would be at Jiko then by these plans.

Tuesday looks lovely and relaxed.

Will you be ready for a large meal at 6:30 after eating a large meal at 12:30? I personally would not. I would spread these out more.

Did you know you can get into MK at 4pm with your party ticket? If you are dining at 5:40 you are using that park time at table.

I would go with the 7:40, for the same reason as I mention above on your CM/AP day. Large meals too close together make both less enjoyable.

That’s absolutely correct. You will have 3 credits per night of your DxDP stay, 15 total per person, and the credits can be used on the days on either side of those nights. You’ll also have a total of 10 snack credits per person. Using that extra day to spread them out a little certainly helps with Deluxe an s the sheer number of credits to use.

And I see you’re doing a lot of signatures. That makes DxDP more manageable as well. Not the best value per credit, but it’s actually much easier to break even or better on DxDP than on basic DDP.

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Oops I didn’t read that well. I thought you had deluxe all the way through.

I am pretty certain you have to use the dining credits by end of the day you checkout from Pop

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Funny, I have used the DDP calculator and since I love apps, the deluxe plan is a better value for me!

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Who all is traveling?

It is just me, I will be traveling alone unless I can find someone to come with! I am both excited about that (being able to do what I want), and a little nervous (not having someone to share the experience with). I have traveled alone before, spent a month in the southwest by myself in the National Parks, so I’m sure I can handle it. :slight_smile:

Yep traveling alone. Thanks for all the great ideas, and thoughts! I have heard good things about both Jiko and Boma that why I had them both down. If I just do just Jiko like you suggest, I won’t be missing out too much I guess? I assume Jiko and Boma have similar flavors and African food types, with Jiko being the better experience. I really just want some Zebra Domes from Boma :-), I have heard that you can pick them up in a shop somewhere at AKL.

How does the VIP Fantasmic Package work? Can I use my Dining Credit for this or have to pay out of pocket for it?
Also Tuskers DP for RoL? will it work the same as Brown Derby package?

Again Thanks for all the suggestions!

No one is quite sure about the dining packages for RoL I think we all assume it will work the same way. I am also assuming it will work with Tiffins as well.

Jiko is great! It is my favorite dining experience in WDW. You must try the wild boar app! You can walk to Mara after dinner and grab a box of zebra domes. Make sure you refrigerate them if you do not eat them!

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For Fantasmic Brown Derby is 2 TS credits, H&V only 1. There’s also Hoop dee doo Revue which is 2 TS credits. No one knows how many TS credits RoL will be, but Tuskers is expected to be 1, and Tiffins 2. Also check out Teppan Edo. I read a trip report recently from someone travelling alone and they really enjoyed the character meals, they might be in the minority, but I’d keep your Park Fare or make it a dinner. I would plan to visit a few bars too, as those travelling alone are more likely to hang out there.

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Hello, and thanks for all the tips and advice!!

I will be arriving in Sanford around 10:15 AM, so figured I would be in the Disney area by Noon. I will be renting a car to drive from Sanford and to use while in the parks. Should I still move back 50s Prime Time, or is there enough wiggle room there? maybe I should just wing lunch on that day, see if I can get an ADR for 50’s or Sci-fi the day off or just grab a counter meal.

I lovefFireworks, and shows like IllumiNations, also love trying new foods, so trying to find the right balance. Might change Jiko that night to Brown Derby and do Jiko Sunday night (will just have to pay out of pocket)

Maybe change that night to my Cal Grill night, there is an ADR for around 9:25 open, and the park has Magic hour until Midnight that night.

If I move Cal Grill to Wednesday can maybe do something inside the park for party night.

Sanna for Lunch and Tiffins for Dinner?

I really do appreciate all the help and suggestions, you all are helping my plan a great vacation!!

On arrival day see what time you can get a DP for and then decide about Prime time. Yes to moving Cali Gril on Wed, you can check out the monorail bars before or after. On my own I think I’d choose Park Fare over Cali Grill, unless you are planning to see the fireworks from there. Saturday sounds lovely with lunch at Sanaa and dinner at Tiffins, make the lunch early because you’ll be waiting for Tiffins ADR’s and you don’t know what time you’ll get. It’s a personal preference but if I were traveling alone I wouldn’t choose Le Cellier, unless a peaceful and quiet meal is your idea of heaven. After the heaving masses of the park it might well be.

I’ll have to ask the experts on this, but I think you may be able to use your dining plan credit at 50sPTC at the bar - no reservation needed there and should be easy for a single diner to get in. That would give you a lot more time flexibility on arrival day.

On the deluxe plan I couldn’t pay cash for any extra TS meals. Just use the bars for anything that’s not included, those places also have less kids.

Thanks everyone for the great suggestion and tips. I have been rearranging some ADR, to give more space and try to be in the area of the park I plan to be in. Here is my updated list!

Monday: Hollywood Studios Evening
Lunch: No ADR, Bar at 50s Prime time, or whatever I can grab on arrivle
Dinner: 7:00 PM ADR @ Brown Derby

Morning: 8:30 AM Keys to the Kingdom Tour (includes lunch at Columbia Harbour House)
Evening: in Epcot
Dinner: at 5:45 PM ADR @ Monsieur Paul

Breakfast: 8:20 AM ADR @ 1900 Park Fare
Unsure of what park I will visit this morning
Lunch: 1:30 @ Boathouse maybe?
Evening: in MK to take advantage of Magic Hours
Dinner: 9:35 PM @ California Grill

Thursday: Epcot eat around the world at F&W
Diner: 8:50 PM @ Le Cellier

Breakfast: Undecided or skip
Moring Park: Undecided
Lunch: 1:35 PM Brunch @ Chef Micky’s
Evening: Magic Kingdome MNSSHP
Dinner: 7:50 PM @ Be Our Quest

Saturday: Animal Kingdom Day
Lunch: 12:10 @ Sanna
Dinner: Try to Get a Tiffins ADR

Sunday: Island of adventure or WDW park
Dinner: J9:35 PM @ Jiko

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Man how I would LOVE to go to Disney. Especially during MNSSHP :slight_smile: I love it :slight_smile:

My mom and I did the Keys to the Kingdom Tour and absolutely loved it :slight_smile: I can’t wait to go back one day and take my kiddos on it :slight_smile: Arrive early and you can get empty pics of the park :slight_smile:

I would love to eat at some of the restaurants you are talking about. I’ve only tried a few. Deluxe Dining is a TON of food. I did it when we went on a girl trip to NOJ :slight_smile:

50’s Prime Time we enjoyed. I think my favorite was the Chicken Pot Pie.
Boathouse: I have done twice and I LOVE this restaurant. My mom got some kind of fish and I got the macaroni and cheese. It was YUMMY :slight_smile:
Le Cellier we enjoyed as a 1 TS credit :slight_smile: It was really good!
Chef Mickey’s was fun :slight_smile: I’ve done several times
BOG My mom and I ate there for dinner. It was OK, but I was not all that impressed. I enjoyed Cinderella’s Royal table better and we did that with 2 of us :slight_smile: NO KIDS :slight_smile:

With that a couple cheap but good OOP is Via Napoli, Boma Breakfast, Trails End (very good buffet), and Wolfgang Puck Express (DD).

My question would be, is have you been before and have you ate at any of these restaurants? Teppan Edo and Ohana are AWESOME restauranst if you have not been.

The only day that I would worry about is Wed, but you have lots of time in between. Some of the meals we ate at on the DDP would take us almost 2 hours. You will be stuffed any way you look at it. We always took our dessert but then we had to take it back to our room so it wouldn’t ruin :frowning: But we ate many for morning breakfast or midnight snacks when we got the cravings :slight_smile:

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I have never eaten at any of the Dinsey table service location! and only one or two quick services meals. Last time I was there was a few years ago only for a 1-day visit to MK. We spent most of the day touring, I think we might have eaten at Gastons Tavern. The last time I visited any of the other parks was in 1999, with my entire extend family 17 of us! We stayed off site and had most of the meal outside of Disney. :slight_smile:

I would love to try Ohana, but nothing is open at the moment, but I will keep checking. I will keep the 2 hours time in mind for those signature meals. It is hard balancing time in the parks and with meals times!

Thanks for the help and tips!!

Yes, I never realized how long it took until we did it in Sept. Even the restaurants that I had been to before, took that long. I have never done dining until we went with our family of 17 and did the DP for just my family. I did it when I brought my kids back in 2014, DDP on a girl trip in 2015, and my mom and I came back in Feb of 2016 :slight_smile:

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