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Mickey’s Backyard BBQ or Poly Luau or neither? DH and I engaged at Poly Luau in 2002 so it’s special to us. However DD7 & DD9 - not sure if they would enjoy BBQ better. Both outdoors so both in the heat for Mid August trip.

I haven’t done either but the reviews for Mickey’s BBQ are all good, while the Poly Luau’s aren’t.

Did you consider Hoop Dee Doo Revue? It’s indoors and well-liked.

I did as we are staying at the Poly, but we are first timers and can’t do everything. It sounded like quite a long show and some of the reviews made me think we might all lose interest after 30 mins. If we come back again we might consider it. My girls will be more interested in character meals. I thought Hoop dee doo & Mickey’s BBQ looked fun, but I’m currently thinking they are a bit of a trek and again we can’t do everything.

I would do HOOP DEE DOO instead of Luau

I enjoyed the Luau and so did my kids :slight_smile: We also enjoyed Hoop Dee Doo! I think it is a personal choice and either would be fine :slight_smile: My Daughters are split on their answers :slight_smile: LOL :slight_smile: I haven’t done Mickey’s BBQ.

^ I THAT is what it comes down to. What do YOU like. I love O CANADA - my family would rather drown in the falls outside the theatre. That is what is cool - you do something - you like it - GREAT. you don’t - there is something else to do

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Haven’t done the luau, but we enjoyed Mickey’s BBQ

Thanks everyone. After talking to a few folks and seeing these responses, we went with Hoop! Excited to try something new. Did the 830 show so we could use the DDP for Category 1 seating. Will be a nice break mid-trip for us - Keep the beer flowing!

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