Dinner show

We are planning a pre Christmas visit. HDDR or Mickey’s BBQ? Can we see Wishes from the beach?

Good questions. We are doing HDDR this coming trip for the first time, but reviews for HDDR have been consistently positive while reviews Mickey’s BBQ have been meh. I’d go HDDR because, frankly, Liners have rarely steered me wrong.

We have done Wishes from the Poly beach but I haven’t been able to get my head around the position of the bungalows in relation to the sight lines. I’ve heard that the bungalows do mess up the view but haven’t see it for myself.

thanks I think we may save for last night as a grand finale!

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You can see a little of Wishes from the Ft Wilderness beach. It is not a substitute for in the park, nor is it as good as the view from the Contemporary.

The Electrical Water Pageant, from the beach, is a nice show if you haven’t seen it before.

Sorry @snelvis, I totally misread your second question. Stuckinbmode is right, the view of wishes from Ft. Wilderness is less than meh. BUT the Electrical Water Pageant is pretty fun, especially knowing the history behind it.

thanks everyone HDDR review it is at the mid show and then on to watch Wishes somewhere on monorail