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Hi all, my wife, and my family (mom, brother and niece) will be going to Disneyland in late August. I was curious which dining package was the best bang for our buck, and had the best seats to go along with it. Right now, we are leaning towards the Blue Bayou for Fantasmic since it’s one of our favorite shows, and I’ve always wanted to eat in that restaurant since I was a child.

I would like to hear about any other recommendations? Or if we should change the dinner show to one of the DCA night time shows instead?

Thanks all! 99 days until Disneyland for me!

Blue Bayou Fantastmic all the way!!! I feel like packages for other shows/parades give you less value in terms of the view & don’t really decrease your hassle to get that view. Then out of the options for Fantasmic, Blue Bayou has the best combination of food & atmosphere (and it really is the best view of the show you’ll get). Just a note that you will be seated on the ground, but if you are ok with that, then I would stick with your plan!

If sitting on the ground doesn’t sound like something you are able or willing to do to watch the show then there is the Premium River Belle package that gives you a seat (from the River Belle patio) to watch the show from at the end of dinner. The package only has one time (usually 8pm for the 9pm show) & you have to call to book it. It’s a fine view of the show, if a little far away, even at the railside tables. The service when we did it was exceptional though & the food very good & it was such a nice thing to just sit, eat & then finish off with a show. The Maleficent dessert that is one of the options with your meal is fantastic too! (But it can also be ordered with the regular River Belle Package where you eat at the restaurant sometime in the evening & then watch the show from the viewing section near the water & usually just off center next to the Blue Bayou dining package section so it could also be a good value, but I still prefer the Blue Bayou if your budget allows).

Hope that helps you decide & hope the rest of your countdown flies by!!


Thank you! My wife and I are both teachers, so we’re nearing the end of our school year and the countdown is really on. I am excited to bring my wife to DL since we’ve only done WDW together.

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I can’t believe my kids are winding down the school year already!!! Where has time gone??? But that’s a great thing for you & an excellent choice to spend your break in DL :smiley:

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