Dinner reservation for 1 please!

Hi I’m hoping someone has some experience with this when traveling solo. I had to rebook my trip for November and now looking for reservation for 1. I found out by accident for example Cape May didn’t offer any times, but if I looked for a larger party they had a times available. I read someones comment that they walked into a restaurant without a reservation and sat at the bar and was able to order from the menu, which I could do, but my question is can I use a table service credit to pay for the meal? I have all my in park dining reserved and this would either at a resort, Disney Springs or Board walk since I will be hopping looking at holiday decorations. Appreciate any tips!

If you see a reservation for 2, just take it. You don’t get penalized as having a no show if fewer people show up.

Wow lots came up with 2, I was also looking for 5 for visiting family but didn’t see this many 1 too few and 5 too many. 2 is the magical number! Thanks

The reservation system seems to like even numbers so look for that if you can’t find what you really need.

Ok thanks for the tip.

Even on solo trips, I always make ADRs for 2 in case I run into another solo Liner who would like to join me…

Wow another great idea and what a great gesture!

That sounds so glorious, I am so jealous. I mean, I love my kids but just Explore Disney by yourself :heart::heart::heart:

Thanks, I fall into the category of “You’re never too old for Disney”. I did 2 trips with each of my sons families back 2013 and 2014 iat the beginning of June after school was out. It was a great experience but most of the time I stayed with the stroller and didn’t get to do all the rides. During Fall they can’t travel, so back in 2015 I decided to go to Universal as a trial run for my first solo trip and it was great time. So this trip is all about me, last day of the Food and Wine festival and the start of the holiday season. Yes I feel a little guilty, but it goes away fast once you head for the airport. Also plan to do my Christmas shopping while there.

Grab the reservations for 2 if you can’t find solo ones - you’ll be sat at a 2-top anyway so won’t be inconveniencing anyone or “depriving” anyone of a table. I’ve done the bar meal thing quite a few times on my solo trips and really enjoyed it, you tend to get talking to people a bit more. Favourites off the top of my head are Yak & Yeti, Tune-In Lounge, Bluezoo… There are lots!