Dinner reservation finder, does not include ROL package?

I have been using the dinner reservation finder and have had great luck!
However, I want to reserve the T.H. for the R.O.L. package. It does not appear to be an option.
I received a notification for an available time. But when I booked it, it did not come with the R.O.L…
I already have a time booked on my itinerary, but I would like to book it later in the day, closer to the show.
Is there another way to ensure that your request includes the package?

I don’t think packages are an option right now with the reservation finder. I tried looking before for RoL.

Edit: I just checked the tool again and dining packages aren’t an option for searching.

Thanks! I guess I’ll just keep checking for any open reservation times on the disney site.

I don’t know when u r trying to make your ROL reservations but I’ve been trying to make reservations for November for months. It’s not even open yet ! If u want months that are even later I would expect to wait a few months!

We’re booked for the first week of October. 30 days left!! WOOHOO! I already have a reservation for 2:50 for TH with the ROL package, but I want to do it closer to the show.
That way we have more time to go back to our hotel and rest up before the show.

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Yay!! Always such a great feeling when I can find a reservation I’ve been searching and searching for!

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