Dinner plans on Halloween

Our fall trip this year has us spending Halloween day at MK, grabbing dinner, and then going to FW to trick or treat. My original grand plan was that we would eat at Trails End that night. However, after reading several reviews, it seems that they serve basically the same food as Mickey’s Backyard BBQ which we are attending 2 days later.

My questions are:

  1. Is the food basically the same between the 2 places?
  2. If so, where would you recommend as a replacement TS meal? We will be in MK all day then heading to Ft. Wilderness, so it would need to be somewhere easy to get to from there. Nothing too adventurous as my in-laws aren’t into that.


I believe Trails End has a much wider selection, but you can see the actual menus on this site.

Whispering Canyon in the Wilderness Lodge is nice, and you can take a boat to Ft Wilderness after.

@BoilerMomPharmD hi! We are there the same time as you - what is the scoop on trick or treating at FT Wilderness? Is it open to anyone?

Yes, open to everyone. The 4 or 5 loops nearest the Settlement(boat docks, HDDR, Trails End, etc) are a short walk. You can take any bus to other loops. Camp sites that welcome Trick or Treaters, will have signs. There will also be lots of decorations.

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There is also a walking trail, between Wilderness Lodge and Ft Wilderness. Its about a mile, I don’t know if they have any Halloween decorations/activities along that route.

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thank you @stuckinbmode!

Looks like your question was answered. From the research I have done, it appears that it is typically from 7-9pm. I will try to remember to update once I confirm this year’s time :slight_smile:

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