Dinner + Pirates and pals

We have Chef Mickey’s dinner reservation at the end of November for 6:00 pm. We are thinking of scheduling Pirates & Pals for that night as well. That says it begins at 8:45. Do you think these two things make sense together one right after the other? Will the times work? Etc.

It seems like a lot of food back to back. Is it your MK day? Could you do an early dinner with a little park time after and then head back to contemporary for the pirates and pals? I would probably go for it if that’s the way my schedule worked out, but I’d try to space them out just a bit more.

I agree, it’s a lot of food. Times would work, but do you want to buffet…then go to a desert buffet?

I would suggest separate nights if that would work,but if not, HollyN’s advice would be great if your going to be a MK that day.