Dinner during MVMCP?

We’re taking our first trip to WDW in early December, and we’re going to MVMCP the last night we’re there. I want to make the most of the party, so what should we do about dinner? No TS? Just QS? Or are there special things going on in some of the restaurants because of the party?

There aren’t any special TS offerings. Most people either schedule TS before 7pm when the party starts or plan on QS at some point during the party.

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I wouldn’t want to waste a minute of a hard-ticket event by eating a meal… eat before the party!! (Or have sugar cookies for dinner.)


I’m with @mascardofamily - don’t waste expensive party time on a meal. Maybe do a QS meal during the 4:00 - 7:00 time period when both party goers and regular guests are in the park, or possible a TS if you want to also use the time as a break to rest up for the party.

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