Dinner BOG Reservation May 31

Hi All, I asked this question on the chat but thought I would ask it here also.
I have been trying to make dinner reservations at BOG online for May 31 for me and my 7yr old GrandD with no luck. Is there anything I can do to increase my chances? Is calling better? Is there a better time to call than others?


Also the MK closes at 6:00 pm that day. Is there any chance they will change the time and close later?

The park closes that day for a private event. Someone has paid to rent out the entire park so unless the event were cancelled for some reason it’s not possible for them to extend the hours that day.

As for the reservation really the only way is to keep checking. If it’s really important you could try the ADR Sniper service at https://wdwtools.com/. They will watch for openings and send you a text when they see one so you can try to book it. It isn’t guaranteed and there is a one time fee for the service but we’ve seen lots of reports from people that have been successful with it.

Thanks for that information. I was wondering why they were closing so early. I can’t imagine how much it would cost to rent out the entire park!!
Have you heard of Disney Dining Buddy? Someone else suggest that also.

I have, it’s a little bit cheaper and I have seen some good reviews of that working also. It’s a little newer than the ADR sniper but it’s the same basic principle.

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This site seems to have a lot of success for people - and it’s free - worth a shot! Best of luck to you! :smile:

The best time to look is the day before as that is the 24 hour cancellation deadline. Do you have your heart set on dinner? Maybe try looking for breakfast or lunch? Good luck to you @PattyBee!!

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Thank you all. I am giving Disney Dining Buddy a try. I will definately let you all know if it finds me something.

Someone mentioned on the Lines Chat that a CM told them that they were not taking reservations that day because of the party that evening. I called DR this morning and they said although the park closes at 6:00 pm they still have reservations booked for dinner. The CM acted like she didn’t want to divulge too much information because she asked me who told me the park was rented out for the evening. So I didn’t ask her if the dinner reservations were taken by the renters. What do you think? Anybody know? Is BOG all booked for dinner May 31 by the park renters ? I bought Disney Dining Buddy to watch that time. Maybe I should change it?