Dinner at Epcot?

Right now we’ve got a dinner reservation for Biergarten, which sounds fun (and I have fond memories of it from when I was a wee lass). I’m not expecting the food to blow my mind, but is there somewhere better we should be going for a tasty, fun dinner at Epcot? I’d love to hear your first-hand experiences of what your favorite dinner spots are — thx!

Via Napoli :slight_smile:

Germany is still great! It is my favorite place. Good food and lots of it. Other places to consider are Norway, Mexico, France and England. If you want a view try the Coral Reef though I am not as impressed as I used to be. Spendy for what you get. Now if you like sea food, may I suggest Cape May’s Café in the Beach Club Resort which is just on the other side of the International Gateway. Crab legs, huge cold shrimp, Oysters, Claim chowder, corn on the cob and the like. All you can eat. These are just a few of my favorite places.


Love Chef’s de France. Not so much fun - but have always enjoyed the food there. Fairly authentic to be honest. Mexico is fun - food ok - but the atmosphere is neat.

BG is my favorite in EP. the good is very authentic; reminds me s lot of my Mother’s cooking (she was first generation German American). If you want authentic pizza, VN is hard to beat. TI is better for non-pizza Italian. Le Cellier is very good, and Monsieur Paul has some of the best food in WDW - but both are signature and therefore quite pricey (MP especially)

We’ve eaten in numerous places in world showcase

Monsieur Paul IMO is the best for fine dining

For experience (and great food) I would say the Japanese with its show cooking is a great one think it’s called Teppan Edo or something like that

The Moroccan indoor sit down restaurant (at the back of the county) is also very tasty food and they have a belly dancing show every hour or so in there (that’s the cheaper option that’s very good)

I would class the English Pub more a place to go for a drink or lunch than a dinner as the food is just ok

The Mexican with the ride going through it (I seem to remember was good as well) but it’s a few years since we did that

We’ve never been to biergarten to compare. I would have viewed that as more somewhere to go for a drink than food as to me I associate a biergarten with drinking and dancing etc

We’ve had decent meals in le celier. But I find it too crowded and not great ambience and for a similar price prefer Monsieur Paul

Big shout out fro Hollywood Brown Derby though as that remains a great place for lunch or dinner in HS and I always recommend asking for a booth table there

I class that as one of the best restaurants in any of the theme parks in Orlando

Pretty much all of the Epcot places we have eaten have been good. We have tried many of them and I don’t think there’s a single one we definitely wouldn’t do again. It all really depends on what kind of food you like and what atmosphere you’re shooting for. Germany has a good buffet of authentic German food plus a nice show with the oompah band. It’s good fun, but you’re seated at a joint table with others typically so if you’re looking for an intimate date night, it’s likely not the right venue. Le Cellier is our personal favorite as the filets are excellent and the pretzel bread is sublime. Even Garden Grill offers a good selection of food plus some of the better character interactions headlined by Chip & Dale. Honestly I think it is tough to go too wrong anywhere in Epcot, but what type of food and environment you’re looking for are the real keys to choosing the best place to dine…

For Mexican, San Angel Inn (inside the pyramid) wins for theming, but the food in La Hacienda as a significant step above. The QS Cantina is nasty; the only thing I’ll get there is a margarita.

Akershus used to be one of my favorites, but since it became infested with Princesses, it’s off my list.

9 Dragons isn’t “bad”, but the Chinese take-out I get at home is every bit as good (or better) for 1/3 the price. AVOID the Chinese QS.

I’ve commented on Germany and Italy above. The QS in America is completely unremarkable.

Teppan Edo has good food, but it’s no better than any one of several teppanyaki restaurants that I frequent at home, and it’s certainly more expensive. I prefer Tokyo Dining; the sushi is very good and the food reminds me a lot of the food I ate when I lived in Japan. Katsura is one of the better WS QSs, and sitting in the garden while you eat can be one of the most relaxing things you can do in EP.

Marrakech is one of the most beautiful restaurants in WDW, but for me, the food disappoints. I’ve had very authentic Moroccan food (made by very Moroccan friends) and Disney seems to have sucked the flavor out of it. The apps and deserts are quite good, but the entrees have left me flat. On the other hand, Tangerine Café is one of my two favorite QSs in EP. I haven’t had a chance to try Spice Road Table yet.

I’ve only eaten at Chefs de France once, for lunch, and I was highly unimpressed; crowded, noisy, unfriendly service, and food that seemed “French” in name only. I haven’t “risked” it for dinner yet. Conversely, Monsieur Paul is an outstanding classic French restaurant; expensive, but impeccable service and quite possibly the best food in WDW outside of V&A.

I love the “pub side” of Rose and Crown to stop in for a beer, but I found the food in the dining room side to be lackluster. For “pub” dining, Raglan Road in DS has beet food, a larger selection of drink, great atmosphere, and fun entertainment. Yorkshire Fish and Chips is probably my favorite QS in EP.

That leaves Le Cellier. Excellent steaks (and the beer cheese soup and pretzel bread are amazing), but there are many places to get steaks in WDW that are as good or better, so I typically use my “EP meal slots” for other locations.

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Via Napoli is a perennial favourite, but another great spot which I think is a bit of a hidden gem is Spice Road Table. We usually just get a selection of appetizers to share - absolutely delicious!

Some great tips above