Dinner at CRT

I hope I’m doing this right. I couldn’t find the answer so I’m starting a new topic. Feel free to ridicule gently if I should have done this differently. :slight_smile:

I’m wanting to do CRT for dinner on our MK day. What is the best time to make my ADR for and still have time to get in position for the night time shows and fireworks?

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I would say before 6p. Plenty of time to enjoy but also not worry about restaurant running late or anything.

We have a 6:50pm ADR on a night when Wishes is scheduled for 10pm. We’re not going to watch the parade this night though, just Wishes.

^ agree. I was thinking of 8pm parade… So maybe 2+ hrs prior to your first night event?

Okay…great suggestions @kellymouse5 and @Mrs_Beast! Thanks so much!!

I heard if you have a res two hours b4 wishes u will get the perfect view bcuz u exit through the back door n no one is there but u.

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I was wondering this as well. Good advice! Also, if you were planning BBB beforehand, how would you time that?

I think that would depend on whether or not you wanted to do any meet & greets beforehand. I would say 2 hours if not wanting to do anything in between or 3 if you have a FP scheduled for Princess Fairytale Hall or something like that. What do other liners think?

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I only ever do BBB before lunch. Want that hair up all day! :wink: then we do allllll the m&gs all snazzy.


Interested in learning more about this. We currently have dinner reservations at CRT at 8:20, and Wishes is scheduled to start at 10. I know we will be cutting it close, but it is the earliest reservation time we could get. Does anybody know where we will exit from the castle and any suggestions on where we should stand (or where the CM will let us stand). Thank you!