Dinner (and parking) at Epcot/Contemporary resorts


Just wondering if anyone could give me some advice about dining at the Contemporary Resort and Epcot resoorts. My Unofficial Guide suggests this as one option to avoid the crowds when the parks are closing ie have dinner there and move your car to the relevant lot, then you can get your car from there when the park closes for an easier exit.

Just wanted to check…I assume you can’t park there anyway without a dinner reservation? Any idea of how long you can leave your care there for when you do have a dinner reservation…guess you can’t do lunch there and leave the car there from lunch til park closing?


Many people have left their cars in the lot for longer periods, but it depends on how busy the resort is. Sometimes they enforce parking limits more strictly than others.

One sure option is to pay to valet park your car. If you do that, you can leave it all day or, if you go to another resort, you can use that receipt to valet park that day at that location, too.

Thanks very much for that information, that’s very helpful.

We’re sadly back home now after our holiday but I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who posted advice on here in answer to my questions - it was much appreciated! So…thank you :grinning:

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