Dining with non dining plan guest?

Does anyone know the rules with dining credits?
Our scenario is; we would like to invite a couple and their 2 children to a buffet dinner, we have the dinning plan and are willing to use our plan to cover the adult meals. Can we then pay out of pocket for the children?
And if we ate at a non-buffet restaurant could we not pay for the children at all and have them eat from the adult plates? (The children are light eaters)
And finally is there a site that states all the little rules to the dining plan?

Yes you can use credits for the adults and pay oop for the kids, no you can’t have the kids eat from the adult’s plates at buffets. If you could, nobody would pay for a child meal and mine can put away more than most adults!
Edit - sorry, just realised you said at non-buffet meals. Under 3s can definitely eat from an adult’s plate at any restaurant, but I’m not sure about 3-9.

Not sure there is a guide to the rules as such but there might be.

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thanks. This will help with my planning. Hopefully someone can answer the part about non-buffet meals

In fact, splitting meals is fine even with adults, so yes you can do it. I confused myself with the buffet part.


It’s ok. It took me a few read-throughs to catch the change to non-buffet as well.

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Unless the atmosphere is great or you are paying for characters, buffets are only good for big eaters. My son and I shared meals sometimes. He is an adult but not a big eater like me.

My understanding is that you only have to pay per person at character meals or dining events and buffets. Otherwise no need to use a meal on the kids. Do you mind that you will end up with extra kids table service meals? What will you do with them?