Dining with larger family, haven't been with kids before

We are wanting the parks experience, but we don’t need fancy meals. We’re staying off site and bringing in lunch. I’m scouring the counter service menus at MK, HS and Epcot for value meals. Some on Touring Plans don’t list the value/portion size. I’m looking for suggestions on your favorite/best value 2 counter service places at MK, 2 at Epcot and 1 at HS. I appreciate any advice. My secong question is regarding treats/snacks. I see that the Nestle Mickey Bar is a must try. Are all food carts/counter service areas going to have the same prices on specific items? Thank you!

I have found that all carts/quick service locations have the same price for items such as Mickey Bars ( although I save my snacks for other items). In most counter service restaurants the portions are very, very large. I prefer to leave the park and visit resorts for CS, so I will let others give most suggestions. I will say- at Sleepy Hollow in MK- try a waffle sandwich!

I agree that portion sizes do tend to be large. There are several places where you can get chicken and rib combo meals - Cosmic Rays at MK, Flame Tree at AK, and (I believe) Fairfax Fare at DHS. These are huge and definitely shareable, so while they are not the cheapest option for one person, divided by two they are a great deal. I have also heard, but have not tried, that Starring Rolls at DHS has enormous sandwiches that are easily shareable.

There are a few inexpensive items that are designated as snacks that can be a meal in and of themselves, such as the chicken fried rice at Yak and Yeti (AK) and the ham and cheese sandwich at the bakery in France. I also saw yesterday that there are cheeseburger egg rolls for sale in Advertureland - 2 for $4.95 that looked quite tasty.

Yes, items that are essentially commodities like Mickey bars or water are priced the same everywhere. Other items like ice cream that is scooped or swirled might have varying prices.

Thank you! Many menus are portion rated meduim, so I was wondering how they really were. I appreciate the help!
I saw that HS Nut Wagon has Mickey bars listed for $3.75 instead of the typical $4.25, so it got me wondering if that was a typo or if some places were cheaper.

The prices have increased over the last few years, so that menu has just not been updated yet would be my guess. But hey, check it out and report back if we can get a great deal there!!

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I also think that BOG is a great value for lunch. My DH and I usually each get a soup and then share an entree. It’s plenty of food, and the quality tends to be higher than most CS spots especially at MK.

Two other money saving tips for CS meals:

  • you can order a kids meal regardless of age
  • if something is listed as being like “hot dog with fries” you can still order just the hot dog and it will be cheaper, even though it is not listed as a separate item.
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Thanks! Good to know. I’m sure getting a BOG reservation at this point would be impossible, but I’ll look. I can’t remember how far out I can make them.

You can make all BOG ADRs at 180 days out (I think- is breakfast less?) Only breakfast and lunch are CS.

I can’t figure out how to make a reservation. I’m sure instructions exist somewhere. Can anyone direct me?

Do you have a My Disney Experience account? If you do, you can look in the app under dining, search for Be Our Guest and the time and see if there are any openings. From a computer I always go in the long way: www.Disney.com, go to Parks and Travel, Walt Disney World and then on the top- things to do- go to make dining reservations. You will come to the search page. Put in how many, and your date and what restaurant you are looking for.

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Thank you! I now have an account. We probably won’t get in to BOG, it appears. We are going the 3rd week in October, I didn’t think it would be so busy still!

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BOG is tough. Many other spots will still have availability. And don’t give up. People cancel as it gets closer to their trip, so you can keep monitoring.