Dining with Cinderella

I am looking for a reservation for breakfast, lunch or dinner for three for dates 13 thru 19 Nov w Cinderella anyone have an idea the best way to go about it. Everything seems to b booked. Child is 7 and really wants this

The most common advice is to keep checking every day (maybe even twice a day!) and it seems most people finally find a reservation time as people that have made multiple reservations times start to drop their extras.

and be flexible on your times. :slight_smile: Good luck!!

I assume you mean Cinderella’s Royal Table in the castle? If you’re flexible you can also have dinner at 1900 Park Fare in Grand Floridian where Cinderella, Prince Charming, the stepmother & stepsisters appear. If you can get a rez there perhaps it’s a decent alternative if you can’t get into CRT?

Besides checking on WDW or MDE check here as well. Many liners will post about coordinating canceling their ADRs with you. Good luck.

You can also check for your whole trip using this: http://disneydvcresale.com/diningSearch.php

@neanner I am waiting for a Liner to say they need a Nov 5 CRT for 3 before I cancel mine. If you’ll be in the World then PM me to coordinate.

Thanks don’t arrive till 13 Nov

If you aren’t able to get a reservation before you trip, keep checking during as well. Some people wait to cancel until the very last minute they can. My sister was able to get a reservation the day before and was in the castle during Wishes. She said it was amazing! Good Luck!

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Another good time is to check at 45 days out as that is when the balance of trip cost comes due and you may see some cancellations on or before that day.


The princess dining in Epcot might be a good alternative as well. I’ve heard great things about 1900 parkfare for dinner.

Just keep trying. I got CRT at 80 days out. I check disneldvcresale.com every day to see if anything has opened up. Saw one for CRT and within a minute it was mine.

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