Dining with an Imagineer?

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to book a Dining With An Imagineer Lunch for my Jan/Feb 2017 trip. I’ve been calling/looking every day since my 180-day out mark–but no dice. I’ve called the line, and strangely none of the CSRs can tell me whether the venue hasn’t released times/seats yet, whether it’s been entirely cancelled (although it shows up on the Disney calendar), or whether it’s all booked up. Has anyone had experience booking this? Any tips?

Thank you!

Yes, I booked this last November for May. There are only 10 spots per day, and it’s only 3 days a week, so you have to book it first thing when it opens. It is currently open through 2/13. I booked it as the first of my many ADR’s as soon as my window opened (3am Pacific time) for the 3rd day of a trip, and even then could only get 2 spots. Someone could cancel, so keep checking. It is a very hard to get ADR I’m afraid.

Update–I managed to book it today for Feb 1, 2017!