Dining Walk-Up at DLR?

I only have one ADR for my trip next week - I’m mostly planning to do QS - but I noticed that Thrill Data has a wait time for River Belle Terrace, which is one restaurant I’d like to go to if I can. Is this wait time the walk-up wait list? I thought restaurants at DLR were reservation only - do others have walk-up availability?


I actually was just able to make an ADR at River Belle, but my question still stands. :joy:

I’ve sent a DM to them via twitter. I’ll let you know if I hear anything

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There’s a bunch with walk up availability today.

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Here’s the reply

“Yes, this would be the walk up list wait time. Many restaurants have a walk up list you can join in the My Disney Experience app. Search for the restaurant and then the option to join the walk up list”




I really want to walk-up at Trader Sam’s! Maybe Saturday afternoon. I guess we’ll see if it’s open on a weekend. We might be able to do Monday sometime, but hesitate to give up park time.


When I was there Monday night it really didn’t seem busy and I’m sure they were taking walk ups without any kind of crazy wait.