Dining: To do and not to do!

We have been coming to WDW at least once nearly every year since 1994 and more than once most years. We live in Texas so it is usually at least a week or more at the Wilderness Lodge. In the last couple of years (since Covid) we have found we no longer enjoy some of our favorite restaurants from years past. This has encouraged us to try some new venues and we now have some new favorites. Chef Mickey was one of our must do’s but we are done with it. The food is awful and the new arrangements for the dining tables is awkward at best. The character experience is not as enjoyable as it was in the past. So we tried some new places on our last trip. Two new places we tried are Via Napoli and Topolinos Terrace. Loved them both and we will be eating at both during our Sept trip. I would love to know your “done with it” restaurants and your new or long time favorites.


I’m like you in that we’ve eaten at every restaurant at Disney that we have ever had any desire to eat at and eaten at them more than once. My most recent trip was snack heavy, eating all the things featured on tiktok and splitting them with my daughter. I really enjoyed it since we got to try so many different things that we normally don’t have the belly space for since we would previously do 1 QS and 1 TS per day.

My favorites were the raspberry tart, grilled cheese and totchos from Woody’s Lunch box, the corn dog nuggets from Casey’s corner and the fries dipped in the cheese sauce, and just about anything from Le Halles.

I still love Sci Fi just because it is so quiet and cool inside and such a unique place. I like it for the atmosphere, not necessarily the food.

Satuli Canteen is one that we will repeat.

If you are going in September, I’d hit as many food booths at Epcot as I could and not do a single TS or QS there.


I usually go once a year and don’t really pay too much attention to the food. TS takes so long, I’d rather be riding rides.

But this year, we are going in September got that deal where you get $150 per night in a deluxe put onto a gift card for food and beverages It’s going to be just me and DS10, who is a big fan of cooking shows like Guy’s Grocery Games, Chopped and Beat Bobby Flay. We are staying 6 nights, so $900 is a lot of money to spend for just the two of us. Last year, we did a few of the F&W booths at Epcot and will probably do that a lot more this year.

Trying to figure out what else to do to spend this money. My goal is to leave Florida with a $0 balance on that gift card. Space 220 may be an option.


I like the Space 220 Lounge buffalo cauliflower and the sliders.


DD20 and I I spent $490.58 in four days and only did 1 TS and split some QS in addition to the snacks. If you do any character meals that $900 won’t last long, especially since you daughter is a “Disney Adult” for food pricing.

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Done with a long time favorite MK The Plaza. So disappointed the last time.

Incredible food and service Storybook Dining


Storybook was amazing, if it wasn’t so expensive I would totally go again…

Grand Floridian Cafe is always a go to - French Toast :drooling_face: I enjoy Space 220 Lounge. Skippers Canteen is fun. We often go to Saana also.

For places I have been that I likely will not return - Topolino’s, Sci-Fi, Chefs de France, Mama Melrose Ristorante, La Crepiere de Paris, Be Our Guest (unless they bring back Quick Service)

I’ve been to many places at least once. We always try and go to at least 1 or more new to us places each trip.

I doubt we will ever end up at Garden Grill (my friend hates Chip & Dale), Victoria & Alberts (too pricey) or Coral Reef (I hate Seafood)


We loved the breakfast at Topolinos! The menu for dinner there really isn’t our jam, so we haven’t tried that, but I enthusiastically recommend breakfast/brunch.

Space 220 Lounge was a huge hit for our family as well.

A few years ago, my mom and I wanted to kill some time and decided to eat at Olivia’s at Old Key West. Loved that experience and would like to one day stay there.

Finally, we are big Trattoria al Forno fans. Chicken parm is excellent!


We enjoyed Space 220 lounge as a way to effectively have a quick service type value, but with the space experience. It wasn’t necessarily out of this world food…but worth doing considering the price.

Olivia’s is outstanding…we’ve done it twice and I wouldn’t hesitate going back.

I was disappointed with The Plaza at MK. My meatloaf was, frankly, horrible…although my wife enjoyed her cheesesteak sandwich.

Steakhouse 71 was a bust for us. My NY Strip was inedible, and my wife’s filet mignon was dry. The server was amazing though, and she comped me for my entire meal since literally only had two bites of the steak (I didn’t ask to be comped). But…the sides were amazing! I wish I had just ordered the sides and skipped the steak. Regardless, we won’t be doing back.

Loved Kona Cafe for breakfast. We’ve done it twice now.

Yak and Yeti is another favorite of ours…although we did end up cancelling our ADR there last trip simply because we were too tired and had no appetite left a couple hours before we were supposed to eat there.

For Quick Service, we really enjoyed Polite Pig and Chicken Guy at DS, Backlot Express in HS, and Flametree BBQ in AK.


Curious why you don’t like Sci-fi. That’s a must for us.

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For breakfast, my favorites are Boma and Trattoria al Forno. I know many are done with LeCellier, but it remains a favorite of mine - maybe because I only have the poutine and cheese soup. We’re staying at AKL again this month and I’m looking forward to Mara and getting to go bread service from Sanaa. And the short rib wontons from California Grill remain one of my favorite food items anywhere in Disney.

I really enjoyed the Space 220 chicken and waffles at the lounge…but not enough to go there every trip.


This is a good point. As far as the experience goes, it really is more of a one and done kind of place.


We found the food mediocre.

Topolinos we did the breakfast and there to, the food was awful. I don’t know if we got a bad chef that day or what - but they must have dumped a bottle of salt in the eggs, they were inedible

I would have complained about it - but trying to get the attention of the server was next to impossible.

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Food’s not the best but I love the atmosphere. Honestly I’m doing Disney restaurants for the food - I can get better and cheaper meals at home. At Disney it’s all about the experience and theming.

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Our long time favorite for every trip was California Grill. We stopped going when California Grill went to the price fix menu a couple years ago and is now a “done with it” for us.


Done with it:
Be Our Guest is nowhere near as good as it used to be.
Crystal Palace
50’s Prime Time
Rose & Crown
Casey’s Corner

Current Faves:
Tutto Italia
Spice Road Table
Le Cellier Steakhouse
Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen
Cali Grill
Topolino’s Terrace (favorite of the favorites)
Ale & Compass (for breakfast)
Trattoria al Forno (for breakfast)
Tusker House
Yak & Yeti
SANAA (clear favorite of the favorites)

Yet to try so on my list to give a try:
Kona Grill
Monsieur Paul
Takumi Tei
Nine Dragons
Shiki-Sai: Sushi Izakaya
Crepes de France
Restaurant Marrakesh (if it comes back in some form)
Via Napoli
Sebastian’s Bistro
Tapas Steak & Seafood
Roundup Rodeo BBQ
Plaza Restaurant

*I didn’t do Disney Springs though.


Done with:
Topolinos Terrace Breakfast.
Story Book Dining at Artist Point
Pecos Bills
Be Our Guest.
Cinnamon Roll at Gaston’s Tavern
Any pretzel stand
Sci Fi (husband’s fave. I hate.)

I’ve tried so hard to have these “redeem” themselves. But no. Won’t go back for a few years. And I know I’ll get some shade… as they have a cult following.

Current Faves:
Steakhouse 71. Those potatoes. That chocolate cake. The steak sauce flight…… can’t beat it. Family fave.
Ohana Breakfast
Tusker house (any time)
San Angel Inn
Hollywood Brown Derby (that Cobb Salad is amazing)

Trying on our June trip and have never done:
Crystal Palace
Jungle Skipper Canteen
Hoop Dee Doo
Yak and Yeti’s

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I forgot to add…the best meal I’ve ever had on property was at Toledo at the top of Grand Destino Tower at Coronado Springs. So, so good.


We do a mix of TS and QS. Our favorites:

Homecomin’ - Love the chicken and salads. Not a fan of the chicken and dumplings, and the hummingbird cake
Skipper’s Canteen - Most anything
Three Bridges - Most anything
Topolino - Love breakfast with characters but don’t need to do every time. Enjoy dinner: the baguette is amazing; Fritto Misto, Escargot; Veal Chop, Steaks, Scallops, and Fruits of the Forest.
California Grill - Love the food but we haven’t gone since it went to pre fixe.
Space 2020 Lounge - We love the tempura fried cauliflower and the short rib sliders. Our waitress said we could also order anything from the main menu but we stayed with the lounge menu. We prefer the vibe of Coral Reef.
Coral Reef - Yummy but small portions.
Grand Floridian Cafe - Quiche, salads, benedicts
Le Cellier - Steaks, pretzel bread
Woody’s Lunch Box - Breakfast Bowl, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Totchos.
Ronto Roasters - Breakfast and lunch wrap
Katsura Grill - Anything
Yorkshire County Fish - Wish I could also buy more fish a la carte!
La Cantina de San Angel - Nachos, tacos
Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie - Anything! Has salads and sandwiches
Classic poutine at Epcot
Festival Booths at Epcot
Friar Nook - Tots, Bratwurst
Pecos Bills - Salads, tacos, plates
Satu’li Canteen - Anything
Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafe - Anything not vegetarian!
Flame Tree BBQ - DH’s favorite

I haven’t even started on snacks! :laughing:


We’ve only been a handful of times compared to you, but here’s my list:

Enjoyed and repeated:
Flame Tree BBQ
Tusker House
Hoop Dee Doo
The Boathouse

Tried and liked:
Via Napoli
Trattoria al Forno
Cinerella’s Royal Table
Geyser Point
Crystal Palace
Cape May Cafe breakfast buffet

One and done:
Coral Reef
Sci-Fi (none of our kids liked it)

Want to try:
Le Cellier
Woody’s Lunch Box
Storybook Dining
Whispering Canyon
Satuli Canteen
Ale, & Compass