Dining Tips

We are on a very limited budget. Anyone have tips on how to eat for cheap in the parks? Also, can you bring food in or is that forbidden?

You can bring in food and drink. There are rules on what type of cooler you can bring in.

Bring your own food and share. The portions are huge!

Thanks. Good to know!

Research what meals are totally shareable. Some of the portions meals are definitely huge. The issue is that some of those huge meals are (or might be) total trash. Do your research and you will be happy with your choices.

You definitely can! I think that is one of Disney’s more generous policies. So many places take advantage of having you “trapped” and force you to eat their food. You could definitely save tons of money by packing sandwiches or something like that. For my family of 4 it seems like most quick service meals run us between $45 and 60 dollars. That adds up quickly.