Dining time available for larger groups but not for family of 3?

I have breakfast reservations that are for 8:20 and I’m trying to move them up to 8:00. When I check nothing is available for a group of 3. I checked and there are tables for 5 or more available at the same time??? I tried calling and just got the advice to check back and show up early. I’m assuming these are large size tables available and the smaller sized tables are taken?

Book a table for 5

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Are you at all penalized for this? I can’t cancel the extra people if I add them on the website.

No you won’t be penalised as long as at least 1 person shows up.

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Assuming the restaurant opens at 8, your table shouldn’t be in use prior to your 8:20, so I think you can just plan to show up at opening and be OK. I have the same issue with a GG reservation at 8:35 for a party of 7. I’m planning on just showing up at 8 and hoping to sit so we can take advantage of getting to Soarin’. Curious if others have experience with this?

Some restaurants will seat people in the order they arrive (within reason of course, they won’t let you in an hour before) but others do it strictly by booked time.

From my experience from last trip BOG, CP, Beaches & Cream fall into the 1st category, Sci Fi and 'Ohana into the 2nd. Not sure about others.

We arrived at crt with a 815 adr. We got there a little before 8 and they sat us immediately. I️t was nice. We were one of the first in the castle that day.

A party of 3 will be searched against 4-tops (the most popular table size). Larger parties will be searched for 6 or 8 tops. What it’s saying is that all the 4 tops are gone, but larger tables are available. You could game the system and book for a larger party and claim that some couldn’t make it. But if you do, then a party that needs the larger table may have to go without getting to eat there at all so you can get a table 20 min earlier. I couldn’t do this in good conscience.


I definitely don’t feel comfortable lying about our party size!
I wish we knew another family that wanted to split a big table though as many seem to be available. June 26th Crystal Palace.