Dining Schedule for my solo trip...Feedback. Did I space them far enough apart?


Here's what I have planned:
May 3rd:
12:40pm LeCellier
7:30pm Monsieur Paul

May 4th:
8:00 am StarWars Sci-Fi Breakfast (pre-rope)
12:00pm Dine with Imagineer
6:20: Jedi Fantasmic Dinner at H&V

May 5th:
8:10am BOG breakfast pre-ropedrop
1:25pm Crystal Place
9:10pm BOG

May 6th:
10:50am Tusker House
5:25pm Teppan Edo


Looks great to me.Although, I'm surprised with the double BOG. When solo, I try to diversify more since I can. I'll hit up the resorts for b'fasts, etc. Are you just trying it out for both experiences/food?

I'm totally jealous of the DWAI. I did that in October and I seriously want to just keep adding it to my trips.


I"m not sure if I'm going to keep the BOG breakfast, The only plus that I can see is that it will get me nearer to 7DMT before the rest of the crowd that day.


Your EP day is almost exactly like mine on my last trip. We ate a bit light at Le Cell so we would have room for dinner. Both are excellent.