Dining Schedule for my solo trip...Feedback. Did I space them far enough apart?

Here’s what I have planned:
May 3rd:
12:40pm LeCellier
7:30pm Monsieur Paul

May 4th:
8:00 am StarWars Sci-Fi Breakfast (pre-rope)
12:00pm Dine with Imagineer
6:20: Jedi Fantasmic Dinner at H&V

May 5th:
8:10am BOG breakfast pre-ropedrop
1:25pm Crystal Place
9:10pm BOG

May 6th:
10:50am Tusker House
5:25pm Teppan Edo

Looks great to me.Although, I’m surprised with the double BOG. When solo, I try to diversify more since I can. I’ll hit up the resorts for b’fasts, etc. Are you just trying it out for both experiences/food?

I’m totally jealous of the DWAI. I did that in October and I seriously want to just keep adding it to my trips.

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I"m not sure if I’m going to keep the BOG breakfast, The only plus that I can see is that it will get me nearer to 7DMT before the rest of the crowd that day.

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Your EP day is almost exactly like mine on my last trip. We ate a bit light at Le Cell so we would have room for dinner. Both are excellent.

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