Dining Rumor? Akershus?

I can’t like that…company lounge? Does that mean just for employees?

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Or is the restaurant being sponsored by Florida Blue and naturally they want the goodwill associated with it?
It’s kind of “in your face” for an exclusive facility.

The article seems to indicate that the CMs think that princess dining is not returning. Who knows at this point.


Yeah it’s hard to tell, especially given the anonymity of the CM.

And that it’s wdwnt.

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That is true, hence the word rumor in the title and I think rumor was even mentioned in the article.

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Akershus has always been our least favorite lunch/dinner menu when dining with princesses. We usually chose breakfast so we could meet with a lot of princesses, but we did opt for lunch one visit (and dealt w/ the menu) because dd really wanted to meet Ariel and that was the only option at the time.

Dd actually told Ariel during our lunch that we were there specifically to meet her (for the first time), and Ariel never missed a beat telling dd that her dad only lets her have her legs if she really behaves herself …and that doesn’t happen very often. :rofl:

Akershus is tiny, has a buffet (which are coming back now, but not all of them yet), and a lot of characters that cannot all fit for distanced appearances. It makes sense to not have it open just yet…and I am not surprised that WDW is figuring out how else they can gain income from the space.