Dining reservations

We are going the first week of December and taking 12 family members. We will be at Bay Lake, Poly, and wilderness Lodge. Suggestions on best dinner reservations around these hotels.

All of the TS and QS options in those resorts get excellent reviews. You have everything from quick and casual things like Captain cooks to mid range dining like The Wave and 'Ohanas and even two Signature restaurants. Of course Bay Lake uses the restaurants at Contemporary, but it’s all connected. You’re also a boat ride away from the Hoop De Doo Revue, Trail’s End buffet, and Mickey’s backyard BBQ at Fort Wilderness, and a monorail ride away from several good options at Grand Floridian. As for dining you’re in a real sweet spot where the places you’ll have easiest access too all get decent to rave reviews and fit just about any budget.

From my own personal experience I can tell you that we loved California Grill, although the thought of what the bill would look like for 12 people makes me want to run away lol. 'Ohana is good and a lot of fun, and we enjoyed breakfast at The Wave.


@Outer1 gave a great list. I would add that Raglan Road is one of my favorite restaurants and great fun with a large group.

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I think that Ohana and Hoop Dee Doo would be the best options for a big group - and they happen to be my two faves!