Dining Reservations this morning

I was able to book some, but then the site went down and isn’t letting me book anything (multiple computers and phones). Anyone know how long this typically lasts?

I’m having the same issues. Hope it clears up soon.

See if Incognito mode in your browser works.

Weirdly, even OpenTable is down at the moment.

Got in and was able to get a bunch of hard to get reservations! Stressful for a while, but worked out for me. Hope others are having luck too…


I had a couple of the red “unable to search” but a refresh cleared it right up.

Got Tusker House for breakfast on 8/21 using Chrome (maybe incognito, not positive), Space 220 for lunch on 8/22 using the app. And just now changed Tusker to Boma using Safari.

Good luck to those still trying.

And OpenTable is also back up.

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Space 220 was the only one I didn’t get, but not a deal breaker for me.

keep trying. They sometimes don’t release those reservations until later. Last time I went for it, i think they started showing around 1PM EST

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:frowning: I got mine on my 10th day of 60+10.

Yep. We’ve got an 8 day trip, so no 60+10 for me. I’ll keep stalking it…

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Fingers crossed!!!

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