Dining Reservations Review

Hi all! First trip to DL with my husband, 6 y/o girl (princess lover), 4 y/o boy (Lightning McQueen obsessed), and a set of grandparents. We love having a few nice meals and taking advantage of character dining and event packages to help save time. Staying at the Grand Californian and have park hopper.

With all that said, below is my plan for reservations for our 5 days (booking begins later this week).

Anything I’m missing or that you would recommend? Any unique dining or events to keep an eye out for? Tips for scoring the reservations also appreciated :slight_smile:

Monday - CA reservation
L: Lamplight Lounge (6 people)
D: Napa Rose (2 - date night)

Tuesday - DLP reservation
L: Plaza Inn Parade Package (6) - book 1p - 3p

Wednesday - CA
B: Napa Rose Princess Breakfast (6)
D: Carthay Circle (2 - second date night :raised_hands:t2:)

Thursday - DL
D: River Belle or Blue Bayou Fantasmic Packages (6) - Blue Bayou preferred but not currently available.

Friday - CA
B: Storyteller Cafe Mickeys Tales of Adventure (6)
9:15: World of Color Dessert party (4)

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Hopefully doing the Princess Breakfast with my grandkids on our August trip.

Ive been trying to plan things out also.
It’s my understanding that the Princess Breakfast is only done Thursday- Sunday. I noticed you have it scheduled on a Wednesday

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Thank you! I had no idea, I’ll have to do some research into that!

I don’t like the River Belle restaurant in all honesty so if you can get BB then you should go for it. I love BB. I also really like Cafe Orleans and Wine Country Trattoria. The Napa Rose Princess Breakfast is divine…I have pics somewhere but it’s so great and we met like 6 princesses I think including story time with Pocahontas I believe but the food is also incredible. For quick service I like the French Market and the Jolly Holiday Bakery a lot in Disneyland and if the Pacific Wharf Bread Bakery place is still there that was always good in DCA. It’s been a few years since I’ve eaten there so not sure if it’s gone away since they stopped doing the bread tour during covid.

I also like Carnation Cafe on Main Street for a breakfast as they have the giant Mickey waffles for cheap like $10-15 (Disney cheap anyway)

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Thank you! So many great recommendations!

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Update/observations on reservations, day 1:

As far as I could tell, nothing opened at 6am EST, with the general dining page showing a grayed out date and the individual pages showing blue dates but displaying an error message when clicked.

I checked again at 9am and was able to get breakfast at Storyteller (will drop if I can get it later in the week), dinner at Carthay Circle for date night, and my mom got Goofys Kitchen for their dinner with the kids. Repeatedly got error messages/kicked off while booking :roll_eyes:

I kept checking Lamplight Lounge and Napa Rose roughly every 1-2 hours (Napa Rose for both dinner and for the Princess breakfast, since it currently says it’s Thurs-Mon) and never saw anything open for NR. I was able to get lunch at LL, which I think finally opened at 8:30ish or 9pm.

This “random drop, keep checking back, can’t tell if it’s sold out or just not release yet” game is really annoying!! I’m just hoping to get the MSE parade package and the Princess breakfast at this point, but it’s feels like it’s going to take a lot of time :woman_facepalming:t2:

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They are very random drops! I check several times a day beginning at 60 days before. I think I got Goofy’s Kitchen breakfast at like 45 days. They dropped a bunch of days at that time. Dinner was already available at 60 days.

Update, day 2:

Again, nothing opened at 6am, so I went back to sleep! At 9am, I was able to get a Plaza Inn Parade package after 2 attempts (I was in a low connectivity area :grimacing:). Those looked like they went FAST.

I also was able to change my reservations from yesterday and get better (earlier) times for both Goofys Kitchen and Storyteller breakfast. I think I could have even changed Lamplight Lounge, but I was fine with the time I had there. Just a reminder to check “change reservation” every so often, too!