Dining Reservations Question

At 180 days out I made my ADRs but made for HDDR on the wrong night (the night before I wanted it). Now no tables for 6 are available on the correct day. There seem to be multiple tables for 4 available but online I cannot have two reservations for the same time. How can I make two reservations at the same time for two groups of 3? Will they let me if I call? I have the TP reservation finder set but as we need a big table, I don’t have my hopes up. I got my other reservation at CG that I mixed up with the night for HDDR with the reservation finder (thanks TP!)

Just call. Tell them your issue, and that you can see that there are multiple 4’s avail.

I make all of my initial ADRs on line, but if I have to change one, I call.

You can just call and ask them to override the limit or if you have another MDE you can book in the other MDE (another family member’s MDE or a Dummy/shadow MDE)